Different Uses of Your Stolen Data – Secure Calls


Hide SMS & Call Recorder – In this world of technology, scenarios are getting worse rather than any sort of improvement regarding data security. With the courtesy of our smartphones, all of our actions and activities are being tracked. We are being tracked wherever we go, whatever we say, what we like or what we dislike and out others actions. Our smartphones and our computers have the similar sort of information stored on them. The frightening fact is that all those records saved on our smartphone are at the risk of getting breached at any point of time. This is the reason why you are being recommended to use Hide SMS & Call Recorder. Your personal information is often used for different purpose. Some of those reasons are given below.

One of the most common usage of stolen information is of marketing use. Marketers love your personal information, they are deeply interested in knowing what do you like and what things you do not. Moreover, your traveling schedule, your daily routine activities and other similar records. These sorts of information helps marketers to design their marketing campaign better and more effectively. You do not receive random calls from banks and other companies offering different packages for you, you do not receive random text messages from companies with different attractive offers. For them, you are their target audience, they know which offers can tempt you.

Lawyers like to get your information for any sort of legal proceedings. You might think that the NSA (National Security Agency) will have to spy you day in and day out to get your information, but, it is not that difficult. The NSA spies you all and gather all your information, the kind of information that you cannot even imagine. However, an ordinary civic suit and an ordinary lawyer can also fetch out the desired information from your cell phone and computer, even if you have erased all the records. That is why, it is always said that keeping sensitive information on your phone or computer is extremely risky as only fair bit of expertise are required to fetch out that information

It is now an open secret that there are a number of threats faced by your data saved on your smartphone or computer or any other computing device.  But, if you weigh in the pros and cons, you might find the pros much higher than cons, then you can continue using it. However, the most hazardous and horrifying use of your stolen data. Your stolen credentials can be used to open bank accounts or to get credit cards issued. Online criminals can shop online using your information and you will be the one that will face the consequences. This use of your personal records is the most dangerous of all and can be extremely damaging for you.

Your records can be leaked if you accidentally install malware on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Hackers can also make their way into your database and fetch out all the desired records. Otherwise, your stolen device or computer can be dug by the thief and get the data saved on them.

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Significant Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

There is just one secret to success in business these days, which is having a unique and workable idea. There are hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs all around the globe, but, only a handful of those are successful. These are the people that are slightly different from their people around. That makes them successful, they keep their trade secrets hidden from the world. They hide their communication activities using Hide SMS & Call Recorder. They do not allow people around them to know their plans and ideas. Other than that, these successful business persons have some other significant personality traits as well. These qualities make them special, some of them are given below.


Successful people are passionate, they are passionate about everything they do. They do not treat their product or service that they sale just as a source to earn. They are obsessed with them, they are passionate about them. Other than that, they have an infatuation about their pre-determined future goals. They keep following it, they crave to reach there and perform each of their accordingly. These people are in distress until they reach their destiny. It is their passion with their job that sets them apart.


There is no doubt that in order to have long term success you need to stubborn or persistent in whatever you are doing. It is one of the many qualities of business persons, they stick to their motive, they work according their game plan and succeed eventually. They keep working to attain what they have determined to attain,  If an entrepreneur is not consistent with their efforts, sooner or later they might give up or they might feel giving up. But, the personality trait of successful people is that they keep going, they keep growing until they achieve it.


Successful business people have vision, they see the opportunity that no one else does, they make their chances out of nowhere. They have a wider prospective. They are always in search or new opportunities, they find their way to the some untouched projects or ideas, they are not reluctant about taking chances, if they feel they have an opportunity to grab, they will go for it. However, these kind of people are very good at anticipating the outcomes and the risks associated with it, they analyze the situation masterfully and take a decision. At first, the decision can look a bit wayward or odd, but, they believe in themselves and keep moving on.

Self confidence

Successful entrepreneur do not feel any sort of ambiguity when they make decisions. They make crucial decisions with full confidence. They know what they are doing, other keep criticizing them for their steps, but, these people are not bothered by these critiques. Their self confidence leads them towards success, it also inspires their subordinates to work harder and follow the path. Successful entrepreneurs become the mentor of young people and they evolve the quality of self belief in them that ultimately drives them to success as well.

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The Danger Associated with Using Public WiFi



People love using unsecured public WiFi connections, they treat it as a blessing. They use it for socializing, they love to use it for all the different purposes. It is hard to believe that  they do not know about the threats associated with unsecured public WiFi. But, still, they keep using it without giving a second thought about it. Ignoring all the risks involved in it. They do not care much about their privacy being compromised or their data being leaked. They keep following the same trend. Here are some of the outcomes that you can face due to using these unsecured WiFi connections without any precautions.

A team of data security experts conducted an experiment, where they offered a free WiFi connection. In less than 90 minutes, there were around 250 users connected. Some of them were intentionally connected and other were automatically connected. However, the team saw people sending and receiving emails, accessing different accounts and other similar activities. The team of the experts were easily able to see the text of the email along with the address of the sender and recipient. Moreover, even the password of the sender’s email addresses easily.

Another miserable thing that they observed among people is that they are least bothered about the terms and conditions to connect with the free WiFi. They never read it and just mark on ‘agree’. Even if you put a clause of surrounding your child for free WiFi, many people will agree to it without reading. Similarly, they can ask for your consent for breaking through into your smartphone, thus, if you are not using an App Lock, there can be some extremely disastrous outcomes. Well, in a nutshell, avoid using public WiFi, but, still, if you want to use, be ready with all the necessary tools to stay safe such as VPN, app lock and others.

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The Threat of Data Securty and the Use of Smartphones

Secure Photo Gallery

Secure Photo Gallery

We are facing the threat of cyber attacks from the moment we have connected to the cyber world. As the computer technology has progressed, the threats of cyber attacks have become fiercer, more common and more damaging. Now, our smartphones are somewhat the extended version of a computer, thus, there is a fair possibility that our beloved smartphones and tablets are facing similar kind of risk. Smartphones are still in the progressing and have not substituted computers so far. But, hackers are definitely looking to target these portable computing devices knowing the fact that they are not diligently secured by the user and there is hardly any built-in security measure against hacking attempts.

Smartphone security is literally vulnerable as statistics suggests that nearly 80 percent of the hack attempts made by hackers are successful against the Android phones. The biggest problem with Android users is that they cannot trust any third party application that is available on the app store. Even, the applications that are available on the official app store on Android i.e. Google Play, have nearly 70 to 80 percent of the application that are injurious. These apps can take the files from your phone and leak it to the developer or hackers. Another risk that these malicious apps impose is that they give hackers a safe passage to your Android phone.

One of the delicate data that your phone can have is your personal pictures and videos. Hackers love to steal your personal pictures as they can humiliate you with them or can use it to make a fake identity of yours through which they can perform fraudulent activities. Consequently, you need to pay extra attention to protect your personal photos and videos and look to Secure Photo Gallery that will keep you away from big losses and embarrassment.

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Secrets that You can Share With Only Your Best Friend

Hide SMS

Hide SMS

Friendship is truly is a blessing, it is not a blood relation, but, it is indeed as important as a blood relation. If you have a true and loyal friend, you are lucky, you can face all trouble with him. As Euripides said:

“One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.”

A loyal friend is an advisor, no matter how big or small the problem is, he/she will take you through it, no matter what are the circumstances, he/she will never leave you alone. You can easily share any secret with him/her without giving a second thought that it might leak or you may suffer due to it. Here are some of the secrets that you only share with your most loyal and dear friend that is called your best friend or in modern language, your bestie.

Difficulties through which you are going through

You probably be smiling and showing the world how much you are enjoying your life. You might be updating statuses on Facebook about the joyous moments you are having and about how blessed you are. But, there is a fair chance that you are doing all this just hide how much you are struggling for inside that is why you are wearing a mask of a wide joyous smile. In this situation, it is your best friend that reads your emotions behind your smile and feel the struggle behind your statuses. You can easily share everything with your best friend. He/she will figure out through which you are going through and will give you the best advice.

A fantastic news that has to stay secret

It is always better to reveal something when it is confirmed. But, that is not the case with your best friend. Your job application is in process and you are likely to get this job. But, you will not disclose it to anyone, not even to your family, but, the lava of excitement is nearly impossible to control, so, you call your best friend and spill out everything. You share the current situation, the history and the likely future screaming with excitement. That is how it is with your bestie.

Funny, embarrassing things

There are events that are embarrassing, yet funny, but, you cannot discuss the funny side of it with anyone. People will assume you to be creepy and indecent creature. But, your situation will only be understood by none other than your best friend, he/she will get into your shoes and feel the same as you have felt at that moment. This makes your relationship with him/her special.

In this fast moving world, people have become too busy in their respective lives and there is hardly any time to hang out or meet your friends. In this scenario, smartphones come really handy, there keep your connected all the time and you can share all the fun and sorrow moments with your beloved friends anytime you want. You can call or SMS him/her with ease. But, the secrets you will share with your bestie or the secrets your best friend will share with you needs to be protected. There is always a chance of losing your personal text messages, call logs or recordings if you have some as a result of hack attack of losing your smartphone.s So, in order to keep secrets secret, use Hide SMS that can protect your contacts, call logs, SMS and call recordings that makes your communication secure.

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Google’s hiring, buying and disappointing Wall Street


We’re in the thick of earnings seasons, friends, and Google just pushed out its latest spate of financials for our eager delectation. Here’s the skinny: Google reported a total of $18.01 billion in revenue (closer to $14.5 billion if you don’t count those pesky traffic acquisition costs), less than what most of those Wall Street analyst types expected it to. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on over there.

We’ve seen Google dump more of its money into research (as befits a company with such wild-eyed ambitions), and that trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. By sinking 16 percent of its total revenue into research, Google’s R&D spending habits stayed roughly equal with its actions last quarter… which is still a pretty huge improvement over the year-ago quarter. Yeah, we’re not shocked by Google’s predilection for research either. When you’ve got a guy like Larry Page sitting behind closed doors with a bunch of big brains trying to suss out what problems really need fixing, it’s only natural to see Google pour money into its more ambitious divisions.

Thing is, advertising and search is still Google’s bread and butter; the worse that does, the less Mountain View can ultimately funnel into its myriad moonshots. The company’s cost-per-click is down 3 percent year-over-year, and while that doesn’t sound like the most dire dip, it still means that advertisers are playing slightly less for their ads than they have in the past. Those so-called CPCs have been on the decline for a few quarters now, though paid clicks — how many times people click on ads on Google sites and others that use Google’s platform — is up 14 percent since last year.

Google’s also getting to be a more expensive company to run, if only just – operating expenses creeped up to $6.78 billion, or about 37 percent of the search giant’s revenue pie. Need a little context? This time last year, Google only spent just a hair over $5 billion to keep everything running, which shakes out to 32 percent. Naturally, we can peg at least some of that on the company’s growing headcount – 2,036 more people work for Google now than at the end of September 2014, a testament to the amount of meat and grey matter needed to keep the Googleplex churning away. Google also dumped $3.55 billion into capital expenditures, which in this case refers mostly to “real estate purchases, production equipment, and data center construction”. That’s a cool billion dollars more than it did three months ago and this quarter last year, though CFO Patrick Pichette said that was thanks in large part to a hefty property buy in Redwood City, CA.

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WhatsApp Takes Another Step Towards Success

Folder Lock

The wait is at last over and WhatsApp has finally come to the desktop with the courtesy of a web client that launched for Android and Google Chrome a couple of days back. But, still, users will be able to use this wonderful messenger on their smartphones. But, users, who do not get much of a time to use their beloved phones much and spend most of their time in front of a computer screen will help facilitate them using WhatsApp as it will be connected to their phone. The users will need to connect their smartphone to the web in order to use the messenger on the desktop. All user messages will still reside on the phone, but, there will be much flexibility offered by WhatsApp to their users.

The service is currently available for Android and Windows Phone and the company is hoping that the service will soon be available for the iPhone users, but, time frame has been mentioned yet. The reason of unavailability in Apple’s smartphone is their limitations. According to WhatsApp, the step will surely benefit the users all around the globe in their daily lives. WhatsApp is currently one of the most used messenger among users and it seems like this step will give this app further growth.

There are also rumors that WhatsApp is looking to make the communication secure and looking to bring end-to-end encryption in their system. Users love to share pictures and videos with their contacts over WhatsApp and for the sake of those files, they can use Folder Lock on both their smartphones and on their desktop. There are also some expectations from the company that they will soon introduce voice calling, however, there have been no official words from the company on this issue. But, if they introduce voice calling, WhatsApp may become nearly a perfect app for communication.

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