Keeping Your Smartphone Safe is MUST

When smartphones were first introduced, it was just good enough to check emails and similar actions. But, the smartphones available at the moment are much smarter than the first ones. There are hardly any operations that cannot be performed by the smartphones. Smartphones are capable to work on a vast amount of information and this capability makes them vulnerable to the physical as well as data security. That is why, you need to take good care of your phone and look to secure it diligently.


Your smartphones have your most personal information, whether they are your personal pictures, videos or other priceless memories of your loved ones. Other than that, stuffs like contacts, notes and logs are also extremely important for you can also be lost. All this information can be used against to make you a victim of fraud that can make you suffer big time. Your habits and personalities can be guessed by this the online crooks can make you an easy prey.


Stealing your phone has become an easier way to seal your identity.  Hackers do not physically steal your phone, they contact crooks and pickpockets for such devices and pay them a reasonable sum of money against them. Actually, online criminals have no or very little interest the stolen hardware, they really see the benefit the data that is saved in it. They easily extract out the information and use it for their benefit. It harms you and feasts them. If you are using an Android phone and want to avoid such blow, use Folder Lock Pro. It is an amazing app that secures every sort of information that you keep in your Android phone. Otherwise, you will always be in the danger of getting hunted down by the digital criminals. So, be wise and take precautions or you will keep regretting your small leniency.

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How to hide pictures of your ex-girlfriend on your Android Phone

Do you remember your first love? Or perhaps your first kiss? Chances are you still feel nostalgic when you look back and think of your high-school days. When you were young and the first time you fell in love with your high-school sweetheart – it felt like heaven. However, it’s a fact that many don’t get to marry their high-school sweetheart or even someone they truly love – they end up marrying the wrong person. Sometimes things don’t work like they are suppose to, and this creates problems.



Sometimes, we make stupid mistakes in life. We meet someone special and dump them – only to end up with someone else we hate even more. Consequently, after realizing we have made a mistake, we blame ourselves constantly and wish it would have been different. Part of remembering that lost loved one that could have been – is looking back at the memories you shared with that person. The videos and photos you have of that person is probably the only thing that can act as a catalyst for remembering those good old days – apart from the memories in your head.


However, often times we would like to keep those memories safe from our significant others such as wife, common law or lover. Though, it’s sometimes impossible to keep things under wraps from your partner – especially during these technological times. It has become nearly impossible to hide your deep dark desires since the internet became main stream. If you are married, you know that your spouse will often check your facebook account to see if you’re still chatting with your ex-girlfriends. In addition, any female friends on facebook will raise her suspicion. Therefore, it becomes nearly impossible to stay in touch with old flames. Sometimes, your lover may also check your browsing history, what websites you visited, what things you purchased online, whose twitter profile you’ve visited and – in some extreme cases – follow you around – or spying on you.


Nonetheless, there are ways you can fool your wife, lover or common law spouse. For starters, if you are using facebook, twitter or other similar websites, make sure you do so using an incognito browser – such browsers do not record your browsing history and leave no traces of your online activities for others to discover – alternatively, you can also clear you browsing history after you are done conducting your online activities.  Moving on, when it comes to taking pictures with your affair or saving pictures of your ex-girlfriend on your Android smart phone, you need to be careful about your significant other discovering them. Simply saving them on your smart phone can prove detrimental if they are accidently – or even intentionally — discovered by your wife. Therefore, such images should be locked and their access should be restricted. Fewer apps on the play store are capable of performing these security functions. One such app that does this very well is known as Folder Lock Pro for Android. This app has built in features that enable it to function in stealth mode and can fool snoopers into believing you have nothing to hide, all thanks to its decoy icon function.


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Five Common Android Problems and Their Solutions


Android gives users a wonderful experience. The Google’s operating system has captured a large chunk of the smartphone market due to the huge number of devices and pleasant user experience. However, there are some problems with Android and these problems are not related to a certain type of device, but, they are like a common problem in the Android’s universe. These problems somehow affect the user experience and annoy them. The issues with Android are not major and can easily be fixed. So, here are some of those problems addressed with their solutions.


Battery backup

If you yourself are an Android user, you might have felt that your battery is drained pretty quickly. Usually, Android users are bothered by their battery performance. But, this problem can easily be resolved by making tiny changes in the phone settings. First of all, lower down your screen’s brightness. Keep it below the halfway mark or at a point where you can just easily perform your functions on the phone. Turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use as these features consume a lot of battery. By making these changes, you will definitely see a boost in your battery backup.

Screen getting hanged or frozen

It has been experienced that when an Android phone starts getting slow down when their internal memory gets filled with app stuffing. Try not to keep redundant applications, photos or other data in your phone that you do not use. Further, close the apps that are running in the background and clear apps cache. Try not to use much live wallpapers as they make the speed of your Android phone slower. Following these guidelines will surely help you to maintain the best performance of your phone.

Connectivity problems

Many of the Android users faces connectivity issues as they get unable to connect their phone to a hotspot connection or to connect their phone to the other via Bluetooth. It is definitely very annoying when you need to surf the web or to send something to your fellow via Bluetooth and the connectivity gets failed. There is a simple solution of this problem. You just need to turn on the Airplane mode for almost thirty seconds and then try connecting again, your device will likely to be connected.

Message sending failed

If you are facing problem in sending text messages from your Android phone, make sure that your WiFi is on and try to resend it. If your SMS is still not sent, restart your phone. Switch off your phone and restart it after a minute or two.

Data leak issue

Android users all around the world face this issue and without any doubt it is the deadliest one. First of all, make sure that you do not download any application from the third party store. Other than that, keep your data locked and hidden with Folder Lock Pro, which will give your information reliable security. Following these disciplinary measures will surely help you overcome this problem and you will have a precious peace of mind.

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Some Hidden Benefits of the Cloud

Folder Lock Pro

Cloud computing has been the recent sensation in the field of computer. The benefits of the cloud computing that have been communicated to the users they are affordable, unlimited storage capacity, scalability and easy accessibility. These are some of the benefits that are usually communicated to the ones that are interested in opting for the cloud computing. However, there are some features of the cloud that are not much known by ordinary users, but, are extremely handy for handling the information saved digitally. These hidden benefits are also for the ordinary users as well as for the businesses, all in all the cloud computing is extremely useful in maintaining data.




Cloud facilitates in getting involved in a new business


The most important thing for a business is time. You get a couple of days late in the launch of your product and you may feel that you are left out of the market. For example, if you are about to launch a digital product and you need to get it tested, you will need to distribute it to your testers. However, if use a cloud server, all you will need to do is upload it there and all your testers will download it from there and save your precious time. Apart from that, it would be quite affordable as there will be very little fees that will not be a burden on you.


Cloud helps in mergers or acquisition of the business


One of the biggest problems that two businesses get merged or one acquires another is the transfer of data. It is always difficult to transfer all the information about the business to the new partner firm or the acquire. Hence, a business can upload all the information on the cloud server and the other business can easily access it and extract all the necessary information. In the absence of the cloud technology, the companies will have to manually transfer the information from one side to another. In this case, it will require and probably more human effort as well. However, if you do it via the cloud, the process will completed quite effectively and efficiently.


Managing the cloud storage is easy


Many businesses in this fast moving world are investing huge sums of money as well as a large chunk of their time. They need proper IT departments to look after their networking systems and other similar issues. The IT departments serve most of their time in the maintenance of those systems. But, the cloud computing has provided a fair bit of relief to the IT experts as they do not have to worry about the maintenance much. All they have to do is to test and recommend the cloud service to the business and the rest of the work is quite easy then.


Seeing all the blessings of the cloud computing, Folder Lock Pro has been equipped with cloud backup. Now, you can secure your data in your Android phone with the app and also maintain its backup on the cloud server. It makes sure that your data, neither gets leaked neither you will loose it in any sort of mishap..


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Five Unknown Android Features that are Worth Knowing

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The ongoing race of producing the best smartphone has probably been won by Android, as it captures almost 87 percent of the total smartphone market. That is fairly a huge margin and it seems like this lead is only going to be increased with KitKat and other upcoming versions of the Android. Google has been working on some really fun, useful features that are now known many of the users. Here are some of the not so popular amazing features that will make you fall in love with Android even more.


Prioritizes your contact

The latest version of Google’s Android gets your contact list in the way that the people whom you interact more are prioritized and are visible at the top. Nearest business and other places nearby your location can also be easily searched with the search bar available at the top. KitKat can also fetch your Google’s contact in your contact list that is truly a handy feature.

Pre-installed QuickOffice

The KitKat users can view or edit their documents that are created with the help of MS Office with the courtesy of the pre-installed QuickOffice in the operating system. Google purchased QuickOffice some years back from today and now offering it to its users in a very effective way.

Retrieves caller ID information

Your number might have become public with an incident of data breach. Frequent wrong calls might frustrate, but, KitKat version of Android has a perfect solution for you. It can track down the caller ID with the of Google’s local listings and you will know who is the person that is bothering you with the wrong calls every now and then.

Better experience with photos and videos

Many of the users that use smartphones are much fond listening music, watching videos or viewing images. The latest version of Android has enhanced the experience of users regarding the media files. It allows the user to enjoy listening music more, watching videos and viewing images by providing the full screen display with all the editing options available at the same time. The features have set Android a class apart from its competitor that is iOS and Windows Phone.

Hides status bar and navigation buttons

This feature of Android KitKat again facilitates the users that are much interested in enjoying the media files. The latest version of Google’s OS hides the navigation buttons and the status bar and it does not appear until you swipe your finger on the edge of the screen.


These all features indicate like Android’s latest version KitKat 4.4 is a great OS to use, but, it spoils all the fun and facilities when you have a fear of losing your data. As you all are aware of the threat that are imposed to your information security, you need to use Folder Lock Pro to keep your information secure from such an incident. It can keep all your media files, documents, notes, contacts and every other sort of data safe and secured from the burglars, further, you can maintain its backup on the cloud as well. Which means, it is a complete data security solution for your Android phone.

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Folder Lock for Android Will Make You Feel Safer

Folde Lock for Android

You might be an Android user or would be tempted to become an Android user seeing all the cheesy features the Google OS is offering. However, you might be reluctant to do so because of the potential threats that Android imposes users’ data security. Well, your concern is a genuine one and you should think a number of times before switching to Android or keep on going with it. But, if you are obsessed with Android, then follow your obsession and be worry free as there are security measures that will keep your Android completely safe.


One of the many reasons that makes Android OS vulnerable regarding data security is that Google Play does not have enough check and balance on the apps publishing on it. There are a number of applications that are malware and harm users’ information security and are hackers friendly. As per a research suggests, nearly 40 percent of the apps available on the Google Play are injurious to the users’ data security. It sends personal information to the crooks with permission in hidden messages and even without permission.


But, thankfully, there are some applications available for Android users that are actually a blessing for them. One of them is Folder Lock for Android that is a feature packed app and offers the user every single security barrier that is essential to keep the privacy intact. Using such application will definitely make you feel comfortable and secure while using your Android phone and you will be able to enjoy all your favorite Google’s operating system features with a peace of mind. Google is also working hard to make their OS perfect, but, they are unable to make it possible due to the freedom they offer to the hardware manufacturers to mold the OS as per their feasibility. But, now, it seems like Google to take charge of this problem and will facilitate its users with the best data security measures.

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Folder Lock for Android

Mobile Computing and Cloud Computing – the wave of the future!

Folder Lock for Android

Do you remember the early 90’s? Well, if you do, then you probably could recall your first home PC. A personal computer back then was a thing of a marvel. It allowed us to insert a diskette/floppy and save data on it –
and for some data, you have to use multiple floppy disks – you would be promoted to insert the next disk and so on – in order to access the data. Perhaps you also remember the very first computer game you played – remember Doom? Then, sometime around the mid 90’s, the internet was introduced to consumers. You had to dial-up using a 56K modem and had to input your username and password every time you had to connect to the internet. During the connection process, it made funny sounds, such as hums and screeches – and by the sound – you knew how long till connection is established.  As time passed along, things technology became more sophisticated – accordingly the internet got faster – resulting in more interactive and flashy websites. As the internet became a virtual marketplace, people began setting up an online business and a new market was created. Tech companies emerged along with e-commerce. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and other further grew as the internet grew. Then a race started for the domination of ecommerce, Google, Microsoft and Apple were neck in neck – and they still are today.


As a result, today, a new wave of computing has emerged known as mobile computing. People are abandoning their laptops/desktops and instead relying solely on their tablets and smart phones.  These devices enable people to have an insurmountable level of freedom, giving them the opportunity to take images, videos and share and exchange documents anywhere (given that they have an active 3g or 4g connection).

With the advent of mobile technology, a new culture has emerged, a culture of texting instead of calling, sharing images and videos, collaborating on documents through cloud computing, selfies and group photos and location sharing on social media websites. The fact is that smart phones have become so ingrained in our personal livesthat functioning without them becomes impossible.

In fact, if you had to function one day without your smart phone, you would feel lost – as if a vital part of your body has been taken away – it’s an eerie feeling!  You may or may have not noticed, but there is a technological shift. People are abandoning their portable data storage devices and instead are switching over to cloud. Cloud services such as One Drive, Google Drive, Box, DropBox and the like are a popular means of accessing your data from anywhere – without the inconvenience of carrying around your portable hard-drive.  

However, as technology becomes more sophisticated, it also become more detrimental to us. The more information we save on our smart phones, the more we are at risk of having it compromised. Thus, this is where the need for mobile data security comes in. Application such as Folder Lock for Android has all the features necessary for securing data with integrated cloud storage.

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