Passwords that You Won’t Believe People Still Use



Lock Folders

Lock Folders

When you leave your computer to the people for the computer experts for the purpose of repairing, the repairers get their way through your database and they have their hands on your personal data. They laugh at your silly pictures and videos and laugh. But, they laugh even harder on your  weak passwords you set to protect them. Keeping such easy passwords to keep your personal pictures and videos secure is like you are keeping the assets safe behind a thin paper wall. Now, get ready to digest as there are some mind jolting facts are your way.

Passwords on Toddler

Toddlers create a huge impact on their parents’ passwords. They are observed to keep their passwords on the name, date of birth or the birthplace of their newborns. You probably feel difficulty in soaking the fact that more than 4.8 million people set their password as “princess” or “dragon” that definitely point towards the toddlers. The concern of thought is that, is there enough baby suits being printed on which this princess or dragon word? I doubt it.

Being a Sports fan

You are a sports fan and you want to keep your password something related to your favorite sports. There are hundreds of players that have a number of records. Mashing up those records with the player’s name along with the team and the name of sports, there can be something complex that will be easy to remember, but, extremely hard to guess. But, people prefer to be uncreative and live with simplicity as about 5.7 million of the people tend to set up a password as simple as “baseball or “football”. This is probably an example of security of keeping all your earnings in a vault whose door remains open.

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Let Me In

How can as a huge number as 3 million of people can set a command as their password? Yes, about 3 million computer users all around the globe set a password that command them to let them in by setting a password “letmein”. Now that is something you call secure password, but, this password is complex and secure enough for an infant, not for a grown up data thief. Setting up such a password and thinking that their data is safe and they are the clever chaps is like living a fool’s paradise.

Feeling as a Password

How overwhelmed the computers must felt when their users say them “iloveyou” every time it asks for password? No, computers do not feel it overwhelming at all, however, the data thieves feel obliged seeing your simple passwords. Surprisingly, 4.5 million of the people get sentimental every time they want to access somewhere through computer; it is one of the most common and easiest passwords that computer users set.

Straight Passwords

The fact is not hidden that the most used passwords all around the globe are simply “123456”, “abc123” or “qwerty”. More than 20 million computer users use these kinds of passwords that shows how indifferent are people from the importance of passwords. The password is the first line of defense for your data. If you set up a strong and complex password to Lock Folders, it will be very difficult for data thieves to access to your database and steal information. Use lower and uppercase letters along with numbers and symbols. Do not use a combination of letters that are located close to each other on the keyboard. That is what experts advise about setting up a password.

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Female Workers Get Jealous by their Prettier Colleagues

Lock Folders

Lock Folders

Everyone that has been working in an office, they must be aware of jealousy among the employees. But, the fact about which many of you are likely to be unaware of is that women are far more jealous at the workplace with the same gender. On the other hand, men are not seemed to be specifically involved in intra-sex jealousy. However, both the male and female workers are equally jealous on their workplaces by their working fellows. A survey conducted for the purpose of knowing more about jealousy. 200 workers were given the questionnaires; the survey revealed that intra-gender jealousy is much more common in the female gender. But, the social skills of rival inflame sentiments in both men and women.

The results of the survey show that social skills are extremely important. Other than that, it further disclosed that the women are likely to be jealous of a female colleague if she is more powerful, dominating or above all, more attractive than her. Such results were not seen in men, they are obviously jealous by their coworkers, but, not on the grounds of looks. The intra-gender rivalry is usually to seek the attention of the opposite gender. This feeling is rated by scientist something that neither falls into jealousy nor in envy. This feeling can harm your performance a lot.

Moreover, this feeling is not only hazardous for the worker’s performance; it can also hurt the whole organization. You can expect anything from a jealous, especially a lady, she can even steal the data of her colleague and leak it to defame her rival. But, actually, it will hurt the business most, that is why, the company as well as workers should protect their data with software that can Lock Folders. The jealousy in the professional life is an inevitable phenomenon, you just cannot keep it out, and however, you can control it. Jealousy and envy are not helpful for your cause whatsoever so try to keep yourself cool and control such feelings.

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Top 20 Worlds Most Popular Android Smart Phones Q1 2014


For Android Smart Phone Security use Folder Lock.

In 2014 there have been many Smart Phones launched by manufacturers and Antutu Labs which has been a great resource for checking the benchmarks of these devices through their android app has released some information on the Top 20 Smart Phones world wide and also region wise. The most interesting part of this information is that a brand like Xiaomi is on the Top of the charts being even Samsung. Samsung has a total of 7 smart phones in the top list along with 6 devices from Xiaomi followed by brands like Sony & HTC.


There are a few more infographics and charts below which show the same data but region wise and the numbers are quite unexpected. In case of China where Xioami is leading we found that it had 50% share in the list followed by Samsung Galaxy S4 while S5 is not in the list because it was launched in the month of April and these numbers are for the Quarter one ie January to March 2014.


Its a surprise that in the USA, the results are quite different because the brand Xioami is not available in US and the markets are mainly dominated with the Nexus Series of devices primarily for the Non-Contract pricing which is very low when compared to other flagship Smart Phones. Out of the 10 devices in the list, we find 4 Nexus Phones followed by the Galaxy Note series from Samsung which has a total of 5 devices in the list. Clearly in the US, Asus and Samsung are leading the charts with these numbers as shown below.


Overall we found that Samsung is leading globally while in the Chinese markets its Xiaomi which is leading the charts. We would update these numbers for the current quarter after 3 months and check out which brand is leading or dominating the markets. Do make a note that these numbers are from Antutu Benchmarks V4 and not from any market research agency.

Things to Remember Before Disposing the Old Gadgets Off

Lock Folders

Lock Folders

As the technology progresses by leaps and bounds and it outdates the gadgets sooner than later. The introduction of the latest technology, people tend to move from their old gadgets to the new ones. The outdated gadgets are disposed off by people in different manners; they may be sold, donated or thrown in the trash. Irrespective of how you dispose your used gadgets off, you have to sure that you are leaving no traces of your identity behind in your gadget. The gadgets that usually cause these problems are smartphones, tablets or laptops. There are few precautions that you ought to take before disposing off your gadgets.


Make Backup of Your Data Regularly

Whenever, you decide to replace your old device with a new one, make sure that you have the backup of your important records saved in it. It is recommended that you use an automated backup service that can move your precious information on the cloud so that you do not part from your important data. If you do not have any automated backup system, go for the manual way and transfer your information on the cloud on the regular basis—especially information like pictures and videos that cannot be created again.

Make sure that there is No Personal Information remains in the Gadget

If you think that deleting all the files saved on your device or even reformat the device will completely remove your data, then you are living in a fool’s paradise. There were thirty computers bought and inspected by a tech expert along with a forensics expert and they were astonished to find out that half of those machines were still having some private records of the previous owner. Do not assume that whoever will buy your sold gadget will clear the memory and will not try to extract your data. To serve the purpose of deleting the files permanently, you have to use Folder Lock that can Lock Folders and also can shred files that make them impossible to recover.

Recycle in the Correct Manner

The smartphone, tablet or laptop, whichever you donate to someone, it might get recycled. All the recyclers are not equally efficient and it may not recycle your gadget properly. In this scenario, you need to make sure that whoever is recycling your gadget does it perfectly. If your gadget is not recycled properly, it may allow the prying eyes to have a sneak peak at your data that may cause you harm. That is why you need to have surveillance over the recycling of your device.

Maintain proper Records

When you are disposing your gadgets off, you have to maintain a proper record on which date you gave or sold your device to the other person. What price did you charge for your device in case of sale, whether you have sold it or just donated it, you need to have a proper receipt of it. The reason for that is if a fraud is committed from the device you have sold or donated, you will not get in any sort of trouble as you will have the evidence that the device does not belong to you anymore.

These were some of the things that you should be aware before disposing your gadgets off.

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Healthcare Sector Is Vulnerable Regarding Data Security

Lock Folders

Lock Folders

One of the industries that are extremely vulnerable regarding data security is the healthcare industry. The Healthcare industry has plenty of information of patients saved digitally; these records are saved in computers, smartphones, tablets or on the cloud server. With such heaps of data saved digitally, where it helps the healthcare sector to grow and prosper and helps in different sorts of research works, on the other hand, the patients’ data is always threatened to be breached. These records may cause some severe harm to those whose data has been leaked; even a victim of a data breach can be handcuffed due to some fraudulent activity performed with his essentials.

Risk assessment is a crucial element is data security. Hospitals have to be well aware of the flow of data, the data that flow out of the hospitals, risks it security and in the end can end up getting compromised. Hospitals should assess the risk that is linked to the flow of data; try to keep their data secure by using software that can Lock Folders. Apart from that, it is always necessary to educate the workers. Tell the staff of the employees that how important is to keep their patients’ data secure and how hazardous it can be if the records get breached.

The reason that the healthcare staff usually leaks data is that they do not pay much of an attention towards it as they think it has no sensitive information. The fact about which they are unaware is that they do not know that simple piece of information such as name, date of birth, social security number and contact details can be used to perform huge fraud activities. A person can issue a credit card with fake credentials and can default. Ultimately, the person will be in trouble that details are given to the bank. There have been many such cases. It is a basic responsibility of any company, whether a hospital or a multinational firm that it should protect the information that they have on people. Otherwise, the victims as well as the firm can be exposed to some serious losses.

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How to Keep Online Security of Your Children

Encryption Software

Encryption Software

We were told by our elders that whatever bad deeds we do keep haunting us throughout our lives. Well, they did not point towards the internet, but, now, everything you do gets saved on the internet. You might have not seen the use of the internet in your childhood, it was not a need then, but, still you have many traces of you on the internet. Now, think of your children who are born in the age of technology, where they have to use the internet and live two lives, a real life and a virtual life on the internet. How will your kids manage to maintain security? Since they have entered this world they have been leaving footprints behind that will haunt them throughout their lives.

Their browsing history is collected by different websites and promoters noting their interest and likely searches in order to place perfect ads in front of them. Even the pictures that parents or their family members of the kids tag, the internet stores all the information. These days your kids face the same data security problems as you do, that is why you need to make that your kids’ identity remains secure. If you have saved some data of your kids such their social security number, date of births and etc. you need to use Encryption Software that will keep your kids’ identity secure.

Every single website that you visit collects information about you. These websites fetch out every possible piece of information regarding your interests, religious beliefs, ethnic background, your profession and even income. Your kids have not really evolved such kind of data; you need to keep them secure from now. Give your children dual identities; make them fake identity online that is totally different from the real one. This will make the data brokers to collect all the information, but, with the reference of a ghost person.

Your kids’ social security numbers and other such details can be used to perform fraudulent activities. They can issue credit cards on providing such information and this fraud will be exposed years after this fraud when your kids will grow up. Phishing is another threat that is common in all the computer users including your children. They might get some fraudulent emails from some scamsters, teach your kids not to open such emails and never click any stranger links. You need to educate your kids how to set stronger and securer password. Make them aware of the techniques of setting up a strong password, a combination of small and capital letters with numbers and symbols along with them.

Another horrifying fact has been that pictures posted online never die. If you post a funny photo of your kid on Facebook or on any other social website, it may later become humiliating for your child later in the life. Any posting of photo can become a barrier in your child’s progress in professional or academic life. Avoid tagging or posting any photo or video online and educate your kids also regarding its threat.

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Signals that Liars Give Unintentionally about their Lies



People find it difficult to face difficulty or the truth so they tend to lie more and more. They think that lying will save them from the trouble and they can easily fool anyone with their art of lying. And, they actually get away lying times and that is because many of you do not know the indications that the person talking to you is lying. Here are some of signs that you might notice that the person in front of you is lying.

Eye Contact

If you are talking to a person and he is not maintaining eye contact with you, it is the sign that he might be lying. If the liar is aware of the fact that he has to maintain the eye contact in order fool you, he may stare at your face in the most awkward manner that will give you an obvious sign that the person is not stating the facts. The reason of such odd staring is his/her effort of maintaining eye contact deliberately.

Use of Contractions

Another thing that you might notice is that when a person is lying, he would avoid the use of contractions. For example, if the person is saying “I didn’t spend my money on gambling” he would say “I did NOT spend my money on gambling”. He will try to emphasis on the part he is lying about as in the example the liar is emphasizing on NOT.

The Exaggerated Information

You can figure out that the person is lying to you if he is providing the unnecessary information. In order to prove his or her statement right, the liar provides needless information that he thinks it could support his lie and give it a pinch of concreteness. This redundant groundless information may backfire to the liar. If you ask that person to repeat the whole story he has stated, he will find difficulty in doing so and story he will tell later may contradict with the first one.

Eye Movements

The normal reflex of a right handed person is trying to recall something, his/her eyes move up to the left side. Whereas, if a right handed person is lying, his/her eyes will move up in the opposite direction. Similarly, left handed people move their eyes up in the right side and move up on the left side while they are telling a lie. A person that is not telling the truth tends to blink eyes more than normal. The time span of the blink might be longer than normal and he/she may rub his/her eyelids to cover the truth.

These are some of the indications through which you can judge a person that whether he/she is telling the truth or not. But, these expressions are not visible when someone is lying online. A liar online can be a hacker that can harm you more than your imagination by stealing your personal records. For the purpose, no matter how skillful you are in pointing out the liar, you will not be able to. The wiser step is to opt for software that can Password Protect Folders; it will not allow the hacker to extract out your personal pictures, videos or documents.

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