Information Security Can Harm a Business

Password protect folders

Business is all about profit and loss. However, usually people think that business can suffer loss only when it is unable to sell its goods and services or sell them at a lower price. But, the reality is that this type of loss is just the tip of an iceberg. You might not be aware of the kind of loss a business suffers when its customers’ information get leaked or stolen by hackers. In case of such a data breach incident, business does not only face financial loss, but, it also looses its goodwill that result in a long term series of losses. So, here are some instructions that will keep business safe from such a hazardous problem.


Customer data is something more than an IT problem

The most common mistake that the majority of the businesses commit is that they treat customers’ information as purely an issue of the IT department. The IT department of a company is responsible for storing and securing data, however, other employees and departments of the company should also take care of the sensitive information in the manner that they do not leak it. The IT department must track the flow of information, but, employees have to play their part as well.

Effective data security program

Data security is a must have in this world of hodge podge. Every business needs to take effective data security measures, otherwise, it will suffer big time. In this situation of uncertainty, a business should a program that can Password Protect Folders. In this way, the information of business will not be leaked so easily and business will be able to avoid a number of expansive losses.

Strong passwords

Setting up strong passwords is once again a key feature of tight security. Having a password that is a complex mixture of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers and symbols. A reliable password consists of at least 8 characters. Try to change all the passwords within the span of one month to three months as it is a healthy practice for data protection.

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Information Security is Necessary for a Successful Business

Password Protect Folder

In the modern world of technology, there is a need of securing information as it is one of the most precious asset anyone can have. The computer users all around the globe think that using antivirus software and firewalls as the best security practices. Information security is a must need for all aspects of all kinds of business, a small incident of data leakage can destroy all the hard work that the entrepreneur has gained in all the years, For the purpose, you need to be aware of the threats that are imposed on your data security and how can you secure it effectively. Here are some of the guidelines that can help your cause.


Secure Your Business Computers

Your business might be using desktop computers or laptops in order to carry on the routine business work. There are a number of ways of in which your business data can be stolen, such as by a hack attack, through USB flash drive or by physically by accessing the computers. In order to secure your business information from physical theft of information by accessing your database, you can use a program that can Password Protect Folder. You need to invest in such software as they can save you from much expansive losses.

Securing Network And Wireless Connections

Your business must be having a network on which all the information about your business is stored and that network keeps your information resources intact. Any loophole in your business network can lead your company towards some harmful outcomes. Other wireless connections, WiFi connections must not be left open and they must be password protected. Unsecured hotspot connections are a blessing for online crooks through which they can easily beaks into your business’ database and hit you a big blow on your reputation as well as on your financial resources.

Strong Passwords

Your administrator’s and other users’ passwords must be complicated yet easy to remember. You should consider the threat that hackers are extremely efficient in guessing and extracting out passwords. So, your passwords should be at least of 12 characters that have uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers as well as special symbols. The blend of such letters, numbers and symbols will result in a strong password. Other than that, avoid using numbers, alphabets and special characters that are located nearby on the keyboard. Moreover, change your passwords in a span of one to three months in order to keep your information protected.

Educated Your Employees                                                                                                                                      

The majority of data breach incidents takes place due to the lack of knowledge of employees as well as of the entrepreneur regarding data security. It is important to first know what information security really is and then educated your employees. There are simple practices that are lethal for your business records’ protection, but, at the same time they impose a huge risk to data security. For instance, many employees are not aware of the sending an encrypted email rather than sending an unsecured email. Make effective policies that can help your aim of keeping your records secret and make sure you impose them effectively and efficiently.


The above were some of simplest of guidelines that any entrepreneur can follow and keep his or her business’ records safe and secured.

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Folder Lock is Securing Your Information with 15% OFF


All the portable computing devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets or USB sticks are convenient to use, but, they also impose risk to your information security. The mobile computing devices such as laptops are able to store an immense amount of data, but, they are usually quite  insecure. They are prone to getting lost or stolen and if not cared properly, an unauthorized person can get his/her hands on that information.  Even when the device is in the owner’s custody, crooks can extract out information saved in it through unsecured WiFi connections and other techniques by online professional criminals.


The fear associated with the theft of laptops is not just that they are dear and hurt the user financially. But, a theft laptop can give the thief access to many of the user’s official accounts that contain sensitive information. If information related to email accounts, bank accounts or other kinds of account get leaked, it will surely give you a blow heavier than what you can actually imagine. You might have any confidential information saved on your laptop related to your business or personal life can also be extracted out. In order to make sure that even when your laptop is lost or stolen, your information saved in it does not get leaked, use Folder Lock, which is available at an amazing discount of 15% using the coupon code HOTDEAL.


It offers rapid data encryption with no complexity whatsoever that makes it extremely user friendly. It offers you dynamic lockers that means you do not have to worry about the locker size while securing information with it. In this era of technology, personal, financial or professional information is extremely precious. If a user is unable to secure it that means he or she is going to be in huge trouble. Different fraudulent activities can be performed with your credential, which will haunt you for not just days, but, throughout your life.

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A Man’s Guide: Hiding Personal Data from Your Wife

Masked Man Hiding Inside Computer

Love is a beautiful thing, and it can motivate people to do some amazing things in life. Not everyone falls in love, nor would most people ever experience what love is like. Love can be a one way street, or a two-way street. In the case when love becomes a two way street, it can lead to marriage or a common law relationship. In the movies and in stories, marriage is often idealized to be a beautiful thing – something magical, sort of speaks – and it usually is for the first couple of years. Couples go on honeymoons, and spend overtly more time romancing than anything else. After a few years, marriage can become burdensome – and one begins to wonder: what the hell they were thinking when they decided to get married.  Marriage is all about give and take, but this intricate balance of give and take is not always balanced – in fact it’s rarely balanced at all.

In reality, when a man decides to get married, his decision is usually a logical one at that point in time. Then, after a few years, or even after a few months, something changes, you notice your wife begins to nag more often, she comes up with new ways to start an argument, and then, after some time, you begin to question your own judgment – as to why you got married with her in the first place. If you are married, then you know exactly how that feels and if you are about to get married, you should expect the worst and hope for the best.  The point is that marriage may be the biggest challenge a man faces in his lifetime. Although, there is always an option of divorce – it’s not always feasible to get divorced – given in a situation where children might be involved. Thus, men often resort to engaging in extramarital affairs and or try to avoid interaction with the significant other.

Out of all the annoying habits wives display, perhaps the most exasperating activity – one may hate in their wife – is her innate curiosity to snoop on husband’s private data. Data such as bank statements, photos, videos and credit card details, documents and other personal information are highly sought after by wives – and it’s only natural that wives seek to obtain such information – after all the paranoia that their husband may be cheating on can have a major impact in their cognitive processes.

Consequently, it is up to the husband to make sure that his wife never discovers his deep-dark-secrets.  Thus, men begin to use a variety of techniques, trying to hide their personal data. Such as trying to change the file extension, changing the file name or simply hiding the actual file using windows file hiding features. However, women are not stupid, and just like the ingenuity of men, they too can quickly figure out what their husbands have been hiding. Consequently, the only way a man can truly hide his data, is by using data security software which can as a virtually Lock Folder or folders from your wife.

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How to Disappear (almost) Completely: a practical guide

Maybe you’ve seen Into the Wild, or (gasp) have actually read it. It’s the true story of an ordinary person who, one day, decided to abandon society, pack some rice and a rifle into a bag and head off into the wilderness never to return. It’s the sort of drastic move you rarely hear about in our modern life. But in next week’s final installment of How to Disappear, we’ll meet some people who’ve literally done just that: gone “off the grid.” For now, though, let’s take a (tongue-in-cheek) look at how you can take some first steps toward undoing the digital ties that bind, and get a little closer to the exit door.


1. Think about why you want to leave social media

  • Is it because you’re concerned that the NSA, your employer and prospective partners all have access to those pictures of you drunkenly jackknifed over the couch with your bare ass hanging out?
  • Perhaps you’re spending too much time obsessing over (read: cyber-stalking) the minutiae of other people’s lives?
  • Or maybe it’s time that you left all of the “drama” behind that these networks can generate?

2. Prepare for your departure

  • If people have pictures of you online that you’re not a fan of, then approach them directly and ask to delete them. If you merely “deactivate” your account, then those pictures won’t be removed, since you don’t control them.

You should also tell your immediate social circle so they know to make an effort to invite you to parties in other ways — like email or text message. If you find your invite count dropping as a consequence, then you know these people can’t make the effort, and should probably be avoided.

3. Decide if you want a chance to change your mind

  • If you’re looking to get off Facebook, but want the option to go back every now and again to go through your old photos, then you’ll want to “deactivate” your account.

You can do this by accessing your settings menu and selecting “Deactivate your Account.”

  • Be warned that Facebook will then try to emotionally blackmail you to stay by saying that your friends will miss you. The service hasn’t asked these people, however, and is just presuming on their behalf.
  • When you go, your friends will still be able to read sent messages, invite you to groups or tag you in photos, but none of those notifications will reach you.
  • If you want to leave forever, then navigate to a hidden section in the help menu (here) in order to tell Mark Zuckerberg you’re dumping him for good.
  • Once you’ve requested that your account be “deleted,” it’ll be bluntly cleaved from the company’s servers, including your wall posts and everything else.


1. Think about what you’ll do when you’ve disconnected from online shopping

  • When you’ve left your online retailer, you’ll have to go to brick-and-mortar outfits to do your shopping.
  • You may be used to doing this for groceries, but may have difficulty finding places to buy books, DVDs, games, electrical items, furniture and clothes.
  • Try to work out where you’re likely to go, and if possible, seek out independent or mom-and-pop retailers, as they are less likely to have tracking algorithms and large databases analyzing customer activity.

2. Leave your online retailer

  • In the case of Amazon, in order to leave, you need to head over to the “Contact Us” page, select “Prime and More,” and then in the second drop-down menu, select “Close My Account.”
  • Once you’ve done this, you’ll be given three options: Give the company your phone number so that a customer sales representative can talk to you, email them or engage in a live web chat.


1. Prepare for your departure

  • Log into your Google or Bing search history.
  • Google, for instance, keeps a detailed record of whatever you’ve typed into its innocuous search bar. That’s everything, from those embarrassing questions you’re too afraid to ask your parents to the most depraved of adult content.
  • To find all of this, simply enter your settings menu, either by clicking the settings gear on Bing’s homepage or going to Google’s My Search History page.

2. Decide if you can live without the services that depend on this information

  • Google, for instance, uses your search data to help improve your search results. This also means that your YouTube preferences can be stored, and will even offer up contextual information from Google Now.
  • Think carefully before you do this, though, as cutting out your search history means you’ll lose those handy flight and traffic alerts that you can get from your Android handset.

3. Edit out the information you don’t want anyone to see

  • If you’re in Europe, then there is at least some good news: You can take advantage of the “Right to be forgotten” ruling that enables you to request that incriminating old documents about you are taken off the internet.
  • Otherwise, you can selectively edit what specific information you want your search provider to see and store. Or you can opt out of your web history completely.


1. Decide on a new email provider

  • If you feel that you can’t trust Google or any other free email service with your most private of communications, then it’s time to do your research.
  • There are several alternatives available, and a few that we’d suggest: MyKolab, based in Switzerland; CounterMail, based in Sweden; and Neomailbox, which moved its servers to Switzerland to demonstrate its commitment to privacy last summer.

2. Pay for a new, private and secure service.

  • Unfortunately, secure email services will charge you, since they can’t generate revenue from selling ads by sifting through your inbox looking for keywords.
  • This means that you’ll be paying between $5 and $15 per month, although there are big discounts available if you sign up for secure email one year at a time.

3. Realize that it’s all pointless

  • Benjamin Mako Hill, who has run his own private email server for the last decade and a half, decided to find out how many of his emails were stored by Google during email exchanges to the company’s servers. Even though he wasn’t a Gmail user himself, he discovered Google had nearly half of all the emails that he had sent.
  • Considering the effort and expense that it takes to move your information away from Google, you need to ask yourself one very important question: If Google’s going to end up with all my data anyway, then why bother hiding it?

The Advantages Cloud Computing Offers to the Business World

As the tech world is progressing, the secrets of a successful business are being changed. Cloud computing offers huge advantages to your business and helps you to set up a digital office through which you can work anywhere and anytime. Information was made portable with the invention of portable devices such as CDs, DVDs and above all USB flash drives. But, cloud computing is likely to outclass them all as you can access your information that is saved on a cloud server through any computing device.


The introduction of the cloud computing has helped organizations around the world to cut off their expenditures spent on IT systems. Instead of setting up your own IT system that is likely to be quite expansive and you have to hire some experts to operate that, you can rather opt for a cloud computing service provider. You can save your energy cost that is to be consumed by hi-tech IT systems, wages that you will pay for IT experts and precious time. Although, cloud server providers take responsibility to protect your information, but, still, there is a sense of insecurity. But, if you Lock Files and then upload them on the cloud server, then your information will surely not be breached.


The cloud computing also lets you to work better as a team with workers working from different parts of the world. You upload the files that are needed to complete the task on the cloud server and give access to those workers. Every person maintains the changes in the files and all the workers are aware of the progress of the work. This helps companies to hire heterogeneous staff belonging from different parts of the world, having different cultures and ethnicity. This helps a company grow better. The kind of benefits cloud computing is offering to the business world, this surely is the future of effective computing.

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Advantages of Keeping Your Information Secured

Lock Files

The majority of the computer users is aware of perils that they have to face regarding data security. But, still, they seem to be ignorant of the fact. They think that they are among the exceptions and hackers will not target him/her. Along with that, they feel hesitation in spending information security tools and run away from the complexities in protecting records. The fact is that, the is no complexity in protecting information and very little investment is required. If you Lock Files, neither you will have to work hard for it, nor you will have to spend much money for it. You will be having a number of advantages if you secure your information, three of them are given below.


Protection of Valuable Asset

Your information is one of the most precious asset that you have. No matter what kind of information you are handling, you need to keep it protected with due diligence. A small incident of data breach can cause you a lot of harm, probably more than you ever anticipated.

Original Ideas

In today’s world, the secret of being successful is being original. If you have creative and original ideas, you are likely to succeed in your field. But, what if your competitors able to extract out your ideas and use them for their good. Surely, it is a terrifying thought. But, if you have protected your ideas saved digitally, you will surely be a successful person in your respective field.

Keeping the Goodwill intact

Business spend years and years to make their mark. But, all the hard work of years gets harmed in a moment if your clients’ personal information gets leaked. You might have seen every now and then that a big company is being targeted by the online crooks and records of millions of clients get leaked. The company that faces such incident usually looses the priceless trust of their clients that cost them heavily.

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