Scary Facts and Figures of Data Breach

The current era of technology has risked the privacy of businesses along with common users. The risks that are imposed to the digitally saved files and folders are almost inevitable and people seem to be indifferent about it. Whether you are living in America, China or in an African country, you can be a potential target of it. The worst part is that this problem does not look like getting solved anywhere near, instead, the issue is getting complex and much more threatening with the time passing. If you give a glance to the statistics, you will probably have an idea of how horrifying this risk is.

Among the most common form of complaints received in the previous year are fraud’s with G’vernment’s documents and identity thefts related to it. It comprises almost 34 percent of the complaints received. Other than that, frauds regarding credit cards and utilities that comprise 17 percent and 14 percent of the total complaints. On the other hand, among the overall data theft incidents, malicious attacks by online criminals are the most expensive ones as they cost almost $157 per compromised record. But, cyber criminals are not the only one to be blamed, human error is the most common channel of data breach that is responsible for almost two-thirds of these incidents.

Hackers are always looking for some loopholes in your data security and usually they find one, that is why, nearly 33.8 percent of the data thefts are a result of hack attempts. Another terrifying and hazardous fact is that many of the data theft incidents remain unknown for days. In 2012, almost 66 percent of such incidents remained undiscovered for nearly a month, which means more destruction. The early victim is known about the stolen information, the better steps he or she can take to neutralize its effects.

You will be surprised to know that as much as 77 percent of the time hackers are able to install their malware program on your system and easily get access to your information. Apart from that, hackers get hold of your records by some infectious email attachments (47%), web drives (8%), email link (5%) and remote injection by (3%). Hackers easily get access to your information by these methods and carry your records easily. However, if you have put some kind of Copy Protection on your sensitive files, they will not be able to easily copy the data and walk away. That is why, it is necessary for you to take some effective measures against these threats.

You might be thinking that you cannot be a target of such an incident or even if you become a target, you will not suffer much. So, you better see these figures that will blow your mind away. On an average, every data breach almost cost $136 throughout the world. In the US, the average data breach incident is even more expensive as it costs early $194 and a company that suffer such an incident suffer almost a loss of $5.4 million. Now, you must be terrified, if not, then you should be.

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Toyota Recalls 10,000 Lexus Cars


TOYOTA has recalled almost 10,000 Lexus vehicles across the UK to fix faulty fuel delivery pipes.

The car manufacturer said the problem caused a risk of fuel leaks and is part of a worldwide recall of 759,000 vehicles.

Some 9,637 UK-registered Lexus cars are affected, which were manufactured between January 2005 and September 2010.

Drivers may be alerted to the problem by the smell of fuel while driving or when leaving their car, Toyota said. There have been no reports of any accidents or injuries relating to the problem, the company added.

The models affected are IS 250, IS 250 C, IS F, GS 300, GS 460, GS 450h, LS 600h, LS 600hL and LS 460.

Vehicle owners will be contacted by Lexus in the coming weeks and asked to make an appointment to bring their car to their nearest Lexus Centre, Toyota said.

The work will take about three to four hours to complete and will be carried out free of charge.

Customers can check whether their vehicle is affected by visiting

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It is Essential to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

If you are a smartphone user, you might feel lost without your beloved phone. The smartphone offers you intellectual activities like reading books, entertaining activities like watching movies or playing games, guiding you with the help of maps and location apps and etc. All in all, smartphone is the whole world for you compressed and backed in a stylish sleek designed device. That is the reason why the tech experts are so much concerned about the safety and security of smartphones as a security loophole in its security is a security loophole in your world.

The loss of the hardware is not the main concern, but, the issue that bothers the users much is the fear of getting their information leaked. You have many contact numbers, email addresses and similar contact details of different people that are your responsibility to keep them safe and secure. There are also other pieces of data that are needed to be secured diligently, one of the many of those pieces is photos and videos. Every smartphone is equipped with a camera that is very much capable of high quality pictures and videos. There is always a fear of losing your precious memories of friends and family.

Keeping this issue in the view, using Secure Photo Gallery will definitely help you to keep your photos and videos protected from getting leaked. Other than the grief of losing your priceless memories, there is a fear as well. Those pictures and videos of your friends, family and other beloved people may push them towards trouble. Images and videos may make the person featured in it a victim of fraud that may cause him or her heavy losses. You would never want your loved ones to suffer, that is why maintaining proper security is extremely essential. When you use the latest gadgets, be aware of the risks that you to deal and make sure you take proper steps to tackle them.

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Steps Towards Achieving Your Dream of being a Businessman

People hesitate to enter the business world world because they think that starting a business is a complicated and mysterious process. This ambiguity regarding the start of any new business is because they do not know what to do on the first step.  Here, you will get all the necessary information that you need to know before starting a new venture. You need to first develop an idea about business as a unique idea is the base or the most important aspect of a successful business. You need to be well aware of what kind of business you want to carry on, either service based or product based. Then you have to specific about the services or the products you are going to offer to the world.

In order to start a new successful business, you have to do a fair bit of research and homework on it. There is a need to identify the time when the launch of your business will be successful. Well, according to the successful entrepreneurs, there is never a perfect time to launch a business. With effective planning and research, you can successfully commence your business activities, even in the poor economic situation. The importance of ideas is inevitable, you might want to look for some sponsors that can finance your business. There is always a risk of getting your idea stolen while looking for sponsors, so make sure that you precautions against getting them copied by using Copy Protect.

Nearly 600,000 businesses initiate every year in the USA alone. However, there will be a million people that decide to commence a business in the following year and then back off. Probably people are afraid of unseen failures in their way as businesses involve big risks. Other than that, a huge number of people are scared of taking the initial step and they are too reluctant to get their feet in. Many people that dream of becoming a successful businessman and do not actually initiate is because they think they are lacking innovation, a unique idea or the required X factor.

However, the reality is that no one has a unique idea or innovation, unless his name is Bill Gates or Steve Jobs that can actually reinvent the wheel. The people that do not jump in the sea of business because of their mental barrier regarding innovation need to think a little different. They need to improve current happenings, enhance the available technology or boost the quality of products, in this way their want of innovation can be satisfied.

These are the small things that need to be worked on and a diligent piece of homework can make anyone a successful personal personal. Ideas worth a lot, do not waste them and do not think that they are impossible to implement. If Steve Jobs had thought like that, we would never have enjoyed using any product of Apple and the world might not have been the same. Know your potential, trust your capabilities, be confident and work hard, then you will definitely succeed.

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The Secret of a Successful Business is Innovation

The secret of a successful business has been simple in the recent past years, i.e. innovation. Innovative ideas have become such a significant element in the recipe of a successful business that it was never before. There are people that get impressed by the business of any other person and try to copy it. It’s definitely do not work for them as their expertise and skills are not suitable for that particular trade and some other aspects goes against them. People seem to adopt the same business strategy as his/friend or foe carrying out and look for success.

This sort of approach is totally stupid and there are hardly any chances of getting success. It is better that you think of your own and look for something different as per your talent. If you are carrying somebody else’s idea, you might find immediate boost, but, after some time, you be will be left clueless of what to do next. Circumstances for each business differ from other, hence, same approach cannot be opted for two different business entities. This is where originality comes handy and your own expertise plays a significant role in your success.

Original and innovative ideas do not only help you make money, it will help you grow and will take the world in a new direction. But, in today’s fast moving and full of thug world, keeping an original idea is difficult as it can easily be stolen remotely. That is why, you need to Copy Protect your ideas that are stored digitally in your computer or portable drives. You need to careful and should not trust anyone around you, creative ideas are simply scarce and everyone in the business world is in search of them. If you have not secured them diligently, you might lose your idea and someone else will make the most out of it.

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What are the Insider Threats and How to Neutralize Them

One of the biggest threat to data security after hackers is the insider threat. So, we need to first know what actually this insider threat is?

A trusted person who has access to intellectual property or data, and who uses that information outside of acceptable business requirements. Misuse of information may be due to malicious intent, an accident, or compromise by outsiders.

Different people have different perceptions about the insider threat. But, the main idea about the insider theft is same for everyone, which means that the risks that are imposed on the business from the people that are working for it. In easy words that the threats that a business might face from its own employees is the insider threat.

There can be two cases, either the own employees of the business may themselves be the culprit for incidents like data theft. Or there may be a case where the insider people help the external hackers to breach the security barriers and harm the business. There can be a number of shapes in which the insider threat can harm the business.

Data Theft

Data theft is probably the most common way by which the insiders hurt the business. They tend to steal the confidential data of the business and use it for their own good or sell them to the competitors. The most recent example of such a data theft is by Edward Snowden, where he got the sensitive information about the NSA (National Security Agency) and used it against them. In order to make sure that your business information remain safe against the insider threat, you need to use some effective measures to strengthen Copy Protection of your information.

Data Loss

Data loss is the one where an employee unintentionally looses the information of business. It is possible when an employee takes the confidential information in an unprotected portable drive such as USB flash drive or other or in a laptop or tablet and it gets lost or stolen by mistake. Every year, there is a huge amount of such incidents that take place. The companies should educate their employees regarding the threat and make sure that they take good care of the data they use.

Data Loss by Deletion or Curroption

Many employees tend to delete by mistake some important file of the business. And sometimes employees handle data carelessly and corrupts the files that harm the business quite a lot.

Fraudulent Acts of Employees

This is not a strange story.  Dishonest and disloyal employees look to make money out of their employees’ loopholes by exploiting it with fraudulent activities. Presenting financial records inappropriately that can give them the room to do corruption is quite common. Similar kinds of frauds are common among the employees, although many people get caught every year and they are just ripped off from their careers, but, still, employees commit this crime again and again.

Businesses look to take steps against only the well known insider threats. For example, many businesses do not allow the use of USB drives or they look to use the best anti-malware programs to stay protected. But, a very small number of companies looks to copy protect their data, which can be a significant step for a business’ security.

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How to Protect Trade Secrets?

Whether you are an employee or you yourself is an employer, there are continuously some employees joining in and some quitting for a better opportunity.  Whatever the reason of employees quitting, the employee that switch to another employer takes some valuable information of the business at least in his mind. That is why companies need to be very careful about how much access to information should be given to an employee. Being an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to lose sensitive trade secrets as it can harm your business much more than you imagine.

In order to do that, keep an eye on the information, who is using what information and on the flow of information. Make sure that you educate your workers regarding the sensitivity and importance of a company’s data, otherwise, they will leak your records in ignorance. Knowing the fact, many workers who are unaware of its importance might not do it. There are many organizations that get the contracts signed regarding trade secrets, but, there are a number of cases where employees spill out information despite of their signed bond.

The best way to keep your trade secrets a secret is by securing it. Give as little access to the data that is necessary to perform the tasks. Do not allow the principle of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to work in your office as it becomes a huge source of data breach. Other than that, make sure that the information that an employee is using to complete a report or whatever the task is, he or she is not able to copy the data. You can protect your records from getting copied by using Copy Protect. This is how you can keep all sensitive business’ facts and figures hidden from the competitors and other entities that might hurt you.

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