How to use the cloud responsibly

Folder Lock

Folder Lock

Data breaches are far from being a distant memory – in fact don’t count on them being eliminated in the near – or perhaps in the distant future for that matter. An independent study revealed that organizations are focusing too much on external threats, whereas most of the threats that can have a significant negative impact lie within the organization – threats from existing employees. In addition, it was also found that attackers were more likely to go after data stored on the cloud, rather than stationary. Consequently, those who have adopted cloud computing have a good reason to shake in their boots.

Among the most valued data pertains to health care. Data on health care have been on the radar list of criminals because it can easily be monetized. Data sold to insurance companies can be used to provide intimate health care details about beneficiaries – enabling the insurance companies to raise or lower health care premiums.  Experts have agreed that breaches in 2015 will see an upsurge, and the importance of securing corporate and personal data will be paramount. Other pieces of digital information such as private images and videos have also been valuable to e-criminals due to the value they hold in blackmailing people. Stolen personal content can hold great value.

Consequently, due to the rise in e-crime, people have begun shifting their data to the cloud, as many feel that the cloud is the safest place for their data. Contrary to what people believe, as mentioned earlier, the cloud has been in the crosshair for some time and hackers have worked hard to crack the cloud – and in the past have done so – because cracking the cloud promises the personal data of millions of users that’s there for the taking.

So, how can the average business or the average person secure his or her data? The answer is complicated yet the solution is simple. First, you cannot truly trust your cloud service to keep your data safe, because hackers will sooner or later gain access to your personal information. Data should first be encrypted and then be uploaded to cloud – meaning encrypt your files before your upload it to an encrypted server. This way, there is encryption at user level and then there is encryption on the server level – making it impossible to crack your files. So, what kind of software can encrypt your individual files? Well, software such as Folder Lock can encrypt individual files or folders ranging from several terabytes to a few gigabytes and users can upload them to a dedicated secure cloud server if they like.

According to most information security experts, the only true means of protecting data is through encryption, and if your data isn’t encrypted, its safety isn’t guaranteed – hence, your safety isn’t guaranteed. Since the internet is largely unregulated, you cannot rely on internet enforcement authorities, leaving you to defend for yourself. Thus, those who have adequate level of protection will be immune, while those who could care less about encrypting their data can end up losing more than they bargained for.

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The Evergrowing Increasing Cost of Data Breach

Folder Locking Software

Folder Locking Software

Data breach incidents are really a nightmare for businesses as well as for the individuals. It takes about $20,000 for a large scale company to get back to routine somewhat do damage control work after suffering a data breach incident, that too takes nearly a month to do so. The situation has gotten so bad that a company suffers almost a loss of $640,000 on leaking data once that has risen up by almost 23 percent as compared to last year’s cost per data breach. According to the tech experts, this cost of data breach is likely to follow the increasing trend in the upcoming years as well.

The Ponemon institute that surveyed nearly 257 companies in seven different countries and came to know that almost 1,700 attacks suffered by firms that resulted in a loss of $639,462 on an average, which really terrifying. It was also revealed that the majority of the firms was not taking proper measures to secure their records. However, if firms have used Folder Locking Software, the scenario would have been much better than it is at the moment. But, as people are lethargic regarding securing their data, so, they will suffer such heavy losses.

The average cost of cyber crime per company is the US lonely was $12.7 million per record and US companies as per the report has been successfully targeted for about 122 times this year. It is surely a big number. Malicious hacker attacks and the threat from the insider employees of companies are the most dangerous threats to any business’ information security. In order to make sure that your data does not get leaked, make use of antivirus software along with firewalls that keep hackers and other malware programs away from your database. You need to be attentive and cautious to stay safe from this deadly risk.

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Using the Cloud Servers to Keep Data Safely and Securely

Folder Locking Software

Folder Locking Software

Have you ever observed clouds? The way these clouds above your head fly away, their  nearly edge-less structure and how easy it is for an object to pass through them? I bet you have not thought about clouds like this before. Now, what perception you have about the cloud computing technology that you use to keep your sensitive information with almost no worry. Well, as a matter of fact, you should be concerned about the security of your cloud server. Cloud servers are not the safest places to keep your confidential records, you should use Folder Locking Software to lock your files and folders first and then upload them on the cloud. Other than that, you need to take the following steps to secure your data on the cloud.

Keep an eye on your data

When you are using a cloud server to maintain your data backup, you need to have a close surveillance on the flow of information. Do not just leave your information abandoned on the cloud, but, keep a track of that. See what files you have uploaded on the cloud and make sure that whatever files and folders that you have synced are available there and not been tempered on stolen. So, you need to keep a close eye on it.

A strong password to log in

Password is an essential element of security and many people ignore the importance of it. The majority of computer users tend to keep passwords like ‘12345’ or the user’s name or some kind of important date of his/her life. These kinds of passwords are never safe and they just contribute in making your security even more vulnerable instead of getting it secured. A strong password is a complex combination of upper and lower case letters along with numbers and alphanumeric characters. Such a password is difficult to break or guess. If you are confused regarding whether your password is strong or not, search it in the dictionary, if you find it there as a word, it is not much strong, other than that, setting important dates of one’s life as passwords are also not a good practice.

Secure your device

Device security is as essential for your information security. Your smartphones and tablets are extremely prone to risks of leaking data. These precious devices are often on the target of crooks and getting a computing device stolen, it may get the data saved in the device or on the cloud to get leaked. You need to protect your portable computing device digitally as well as physically. This step will surely give you better protection for your data saved on the cloud.

The cloud computing is an excellent invention and literally a blessing for all the computer users that want to carry their digitally saved information with them or to access data remotely. But, like any other thing in this world, if it is not handled with care, it can cause you damage. So, be wise while handling your data and make sure it stays safe and secure.

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Easy Guidelines for Individuals to Secure Their Data

Folder Locking Software

Folder Locking Software

No matter how less important you treat your data, there is always a need to secure it. It is critical for you to secure all channels of leaking information. Whether they are the channels through which hackers get their dirty hands on your personal records, or through which it gets leaked accidentally. There are always some spine chilling stories in the headlines regarding some mass data theft incident that makes your information security look absolutely miserable. In order to make sure that your records remain safe and no one can access them, you need to follow the given guidelines.

Maintain regular backup

There is not a shadow of doubt that your files and folders that are saved digitally are always at the risk of getting lost. You cannot trust this digital existence of your records. Once your confidential records get corrupt or inaccessible, you will be devastated. You will surely try to recover those credentials, but, there are chances that you might not see them ever again in your life. To avoid such pain, you should maintain backup of all your sensitive records on the cloud that get itself updated whenever you make some changes in your original documents. If you cannot transfer your files and folders on the cloud after every single task you perform, then make a practice of doing so at regular intervals.

Maintain physical security

It is a simple principle and it does not need much of a thought that why you will not like anyone else to touch your system. It is extremely easy for anyone to take your files with him/her, who touches your PC. But, keeping your sensitive files well protected by using some sort of reliable Folder Locking Software will surely help your cause of keeping your privacy intact. Other than letting anyone to access your personal computer or laptop, you also need to keep your computer safe in case of a natural disaster. Like, Katrina caused a lot of damage to different databases and every year a number of records are destroyed due to different kinds of natural disasters.

Keep Real Time Monitoring

The best way to avoid data leakage is to monitor the flow of information in the real time. This will give you the best idea of where is your data, how many important files and folders are saved in your database, what files you are transferring using different mediums and other similar information.

Managing Mobile Devices

Managing mobile computing devices is extremely important to make sure that your data is not breached. Computing devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops contribute big in leaking data. Moreover, small portable data storing devices such as USB flash drive or SD cards need to be protected diligently. With their extremely small size, they need to be protected carefully as they are prone to getting lost or stolen pretty easily.

These are some of the guidelines that will surely help keeping yourself away from from being a data breach victim. You just need to take this data security threat seriously and act according to advices of experts.

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Three Simple Practices You Need To Adopt to Secure Data

Folder Locking Software

Folder Locking Software

Corporate sectors employ a huge chunk of their financial assets as well as human resource to secure their sensitive information saved digitally. Companies like Symentec helps businesses to know about the latest data security trends and helps identifying the potential threats to their privacy. These statistics also reveal the loopholes and the poor data security practices all around the globe. Researches conducted by Symentec have clearly illustrated the importance of Folder Locking Software and the hazards you might feel in its absence. Here are some of the practices that common users as well as business professionals should look to adopt.

Data Encryption

Encryption is absolutely essential for data security, no matter your personal data or you are securing some business records. It is the best measure you can take to protect your precious records. Encryption makes sure that your information is simply inaccessible.

Stay Attentive to avoid spams

Spam and phishing techniques are lethal. Many computer users think that hackers cannot fool them with spam or phishing techniques, however, the truth is that, the majority of the users has become a victim of a spam or phishing attack or likely to be a victim in the near future.

Use antivirus and firewall to protect data

Antivirus programs and firewalls are essential for keeping data secure. Antivirus filters out the mal programs that look to get into your computer and dent our privacy. Similarly, firewalls help unauthorized users to enter your computer. Keeping these two data security measures intact, your personal data is likely to stay safe and secure.

These are some of the measures that you need to take in terms of programs or you can say digitally. But, do not leave out the importance of physical security of your data. Do not let anyone to operate your computer device and take special care of your portable data storing devices.

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Worst Habits of Computer Users that Lead Them to Data Breach

Folder Lock for PC

Folder Lock for PC

There is a fair possibility that you are aware of the fact that your data is exposed to hackers. But, you leave your records on the courtesy of these e-criminals as you feel you are unable to keep them secure. While reading the above statement, you might feel that I am pointing to some other specie living on the earth, but, the matter of fact is that you are likely to be one of those that do not pay enough attention to their data security. There are some common bad habits among the computer users that make them vulnerable. Users tend to keep weak passwords, not using software like Folder Lock for PC or believing that they cannot be a target for e-crooks. Here are some of the worst habits that computer users have all around the globe.

Lethargic and Ignorant behavior hurt users

Lazy attitude is one of the most common reasons why users suffer incidents of data loss and at the end suffer big losses. Everyone is aware of the existence of hackers and the malware that they use to affect computer users. Knowing everything, yet you all act that there is no need to protect your information diligently. The evidence of users’ laziness is that they hardly ever try to setup a strong password. They are more than happy keeping passwords like ‘123456’, ‘qwerty’ and other similar unsecure passwords.

Believe that they are exempt from being a hacker target

This indifferent behavior harms many users. They just think that they cannot be targeted by any online criminals. The reason for that belief is probably none. In fact, this behavior is perhaps closely associated with the laziness of the computer users. They have an attitude like they have never been a victim of data breach, they will never get attacked by hackers, how can they lose their data, how beneficial will it be for data thief? With this thought in their minds, they do not use any kind of data security software, antivirus or firewalls that can make their information protected.

Taking scams and phishing too lightly

Information can be lost in case of crashing a hard drive or in some other scenario. But, hackers’ famous techniques through which they steal data are scams and phishing. Some of the over efficient and over confident users deem to take it too lightly and as a result fall prey to them. Hackers on social media look to make relationships with and after winning your trust, they ask for sensitive information. People believing them, leak their confidential records that are used against them and are used to perform fraudulent activities.

Now, you come to know that laziness in behavior, ignorance of threats and not taking protection steers users towards expansive data loss. This means in order to make sure that your information is not leaked, you  need to be agile, careful and precautious. Otherwise, you will likely to get targeted by hackers. Change your  habits and approach towards data security, it will surely give you a better sense of security and indeed better security to your sensitive records.

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How to Use Your Laptop Safely and Securely While Traveling

How to Lock a Folder

How to Lock a Folder

The laptop is a great invention and the main reason to engineer it was to make computing portable. Since the introduction of laptops, people tend to use it on the go, while they are traveling, either short distance or a long, people love using their beloved laptop while traveling. But, whenever your portable computer comes out of the house and hits the road, it is exposed to a variety of potential threats. These threats can be related to your laptop physically or digitally, however, you can easily tackle these risks if act wisely. You are the one that can make your laptop secure or unsecure, so take the responsibility and then act accordingly.

In order to make your laptop safe and protected physically, first of all, you need to use a bag that can keep your precious laptop safe inside. There is a fair amount of chance that during traveling by car, a bump on the road or a sudden break can damage your laptop. Other than that, do not leave your laptop abandoned or someone can get his or her hands on your portable computer. Saving your laptop for any sort of physical damage will keep it safe digitally as well. You need to be careful while traveling with it, as you are responsible for its security.

For the sake of securing data that is saved on your computer, you need to be smart and take proper precautions that are advised by the experts to secure data. The best way to do it to learn that How to Lock a Folder, otherwise, you will suffer a data breach and it will haunt you for days, weeks, months and even years. So, if you want to make the most of this amazing invention and use it for the purpose it was invented, you need to follow these guidelines.

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