Convenient USB Flash Drive Can be Hazardous as Well

USB Secure

The convenience that USB flash drives offer in terms of making information portable is simply unmatched. It is as small as It can easily be fitted in your wallet, yet it can store almost as much information as you desire. This surely keeps you always connected to your information and you never seem to be away from it. But, the vast use of this small data storing device is not just a blessing, it has imposed some real risk to your information. The computer users do not look to take precautions that can make their information protected.

In order you keep your information secure that is saved on your USB flash drive you need to protect diligently by using USB security software such as USB Secure. Keep a specific place for your USB flash drive where you keep it. It can be in your drawer, in your wallet or in somewhere that you will always remember. Do not leave it abandoned somewhere. All it takes a couple of minutes to extract out data from an unprotected USB jump drive. Make sure that you take proper care of your small flash drive and do not drop somewhere at public places, otherwise, you can face some difficulties. Risks that are imposed by the pen drives are the real ones and you need to take them seriously to protect yourself.

Another piece of advice that experts give is that do not save extra sensitive information in those devices. Stuffing your flash drive with information like bank account details, financial reports and similar documents will surely keep you stressful. These amazing tiny data storing devices are immensely capable of carrying loads of data. And their small size imposes huge risks on the information saved in it as they are prone to getting lost or stolen pretty easily. Be intelligent and take proper precautions as being careful is much better than regretting something.

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Android Apps and Security Issues

Folder Lock for Android

Press Release – November, 19, 2014 – Beaverton Oregon –Thanks to recent changes by what’s app team, it is now considered the most secure messaging app available for smart phones. This new security enhancement is a result of direct end-to-end encryption – Meaning all your text based communications are encrypted and cannot be intercepted by third parties (such as NSA). However, the encrypted messaging is only available for Android, and is yet t be launched for iPhone.  This new security enhancement in what’s app is collaboration between open whisper systems – which specialize in creating text secure apps.  The encryption works in the sense that messages are encrypted and decrypted from the user end, so once a message is sent, it is decrypted on the other end. This new security enhancement is certainly sure to attract security conscious users. What’s more is the fact that what’s app has added another feature which is supposedly indicates the message status. A double blue check indicated that the message has been read.

Moving on to a different subject, besides security of messages, data privacy and data security is also a concern amongst users. For example, have you ever wished there was some way to hide your photos, videos and other documents from other users –perhaps from your wife, mom or sibling? For those who are saving sensitive information on their Android phone such as financial spreadsheets, HR data, personal tax returns (which contains your social security number) and other information that is considered extremely sensitive.  Luckily for security conscious users, there are many apps that are designed to hide and lock personal data. However, these apps lack the much needed practical functionality or are so buggy – they cannot be used in practical situations. Nonetheless, one app that shows the same growth potential as what’s app is known as Folder Lock for Android. The app’s main objective is to lock and hide personal data such as files, folders, images, videos, credit cards information and it also has a built in secure browser. What’s unique about this app is that it is the only app for Android that bundles up all these security features into one app.

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Three Cruel Realities about Liars

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A liar is a confusing, deceptive and painful person, if you are in a relationship with him/her is like a boat floating in the sea with no anchor. Which means, there is nothing certain in the relationship, it is just floating and will reach nowhere. Truth weighs much, it gives stability, the depth and the firmness that a relationship needs to prosper. There is nothing in the world that can deny or replace the value of truth. There are two kinds of people, the one who lie and the other, who themselves are liars. We all lie at one stage of the life or another. Sometimes, we do not even realize that we are lying, we call them excuses or exaggeration, but, the truth is that these are all lies.

But, there are people, who only tell lies and they intentionally lie to harm you. Here are the three traits of liars that makes them cruel.

They do not love anyone except themselves

Have you ever thought about the reason why people tend to lie? The reason is simple, they tend to keep themselves happy and have a concrete self centered intention while lying. These selfish people only think about themselves, what can benefit  them? How can they be happy? They do not give a thought about how will the other person would feel, how much will he suffer. That makes them dangerous as they do not back off from lying something about that actually can hurt the other person that they will enjoy. That is actually very inhumane of them. Similarly, there are digital liars in this age of technology that make people suffer by stealing their data through lies. You need to protect themselves by using Folder Lock, otherwise, they will hurt you badly.

Liars are not strong at heart

People, who do not have enough courage to face the truth, usually beg on lies. Cowards are actually very reluctant in admitting their deficiencies and will always try to defend themselves by giving lame excuses and blaming the other person or the circumstances. This habit of liars really freaks people out. This cowardice pushes them to tell a lie every time they are asked something or pointed out for something. This really is something very frustrating and it is hard to carry on any relationship with these liar people, who cannot face the reality.

Liars are always face humiliation

The people that always lie see only the short term good. These people do not have the vast vision, they cannot foresee and always end up losing. Their trait of telling lie makes them shallow from inside and they become so weak in themselves that they hardly can stand and at the end of the day they ultimately fall so badly that they are never able to get up.  All these liars know is how to be deceptive, they never get close to the people around them and never gain the blessings like trust and love from them. These liars stay lonely, but, hardly anyone realize the reason of their aloofness.

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Bigger Data Means Bigger Security Risks

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If we take the time to reflect our past and present, it becomes easier to appreciate how far technology has come. Without a doubt, technology has improved the way we get around from point A to point B. It has improved and extended our average life expectancy – for example medical technology has been able to synthesize new medications to combat deadly ailments. Another great example is the internet, in the past, if you had to look up an important fact, you would have to ask your professor/teacher or go to a library to look up important facts. Today – thanks to the internet – people can download e-books – and visiting the library is unneeded. In fact, one can simply input his or her keywords on Google and sure enough, one can find reliable sources of information. However, the internet – with all its obvious advantages – does come with drawbacks – one major one is its lack of information security.

Cyber security can be compared to a game of whack-a-mole. As soon as authorities rectify a hacking incident – another one pops up. It seems as the moles are overwhelmingly winning and the authorities are trying their best to win a losing battle. In between are businesses and individuals who are suffering from cyber crime. Consequently, businesses and individual (those worried about their personal data) are now left on their own to defend their privacy – both online and offline. The internet itself is an un-monitored and mostly unregulated domain where cyber-crooks are free to roam and target victims. As a result, this has given rise to a whole new market for information security products. Today, companies are spending millions of dollars on creating customized security solutions – yet somehow all their efforts are washed away once a hacker is able to infiltrate their server’s security.

So, why is it that these often customized – and not to mention very expensive – security solutions fail when it comes to real-life security threats. For once, these solutions are often created hastily and without proper stress testing. Second, they often contain inadequate or lack of encryption – that results in security breaches. So what is the solution? Until a decade earlier, there was no such solution to this dilemma – and hacking was easy as taking candy from a baby – and in some cases this holds true – at least to some extent. So, what is a definitive solution that’s cheap and secure? The answer may surprise you! But consumer based data security software such as Folder Lock is the next wave of weapon against cyber-crime. Such software offer users total data security solutions – from the ability to lock and encrypt data both on the cloud, offline and on portable devices. Using military grade encryption – few software have managed to offer users such dynamic protection at an affordable price. The fact that such products give users’ ultimate data security has to do with encryption. In fact, encryption is the only thing that stands in the way of a hacker and your data.

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A Fool-Proof Method to Protect Your Data

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Can you think of a person who doesn’t use computers? It’s hard to imagine a life without personal computers. If you go back to the 1960’s, you’ll notice that people needed large file cabinets to store all their personal documents, and offices needed type writers to type up letters. There was no such thing as the internet, so companies had limited research and communication capabilities – it wasn’t as simple as emailing customers or distributors about a particular order – instead you had to resort to sending snail mail. In a nutshell, life without computers had limited productivity and considerable limitations.

Today, nearly everyone needs to use a computer at one point or another. If you are a student, you need a computer to conduct school related research or perhaps you are required to write up class essay. If you are a professional, you need the aid of a computer to use accounting software, work on spreadsheets or perhaps design power point projects. Whether it’s checking the daily stock prices, check the tracking of a shipment, reading up on the latest headlines, looking up important facts or communicating with friends, chances are you are going to need the help of a computer. Today, all information has gone digital – no paper and no file folders – everything is stored on servers, cloud servers or computer hard-drives. One might think – in the most naïve sense – that computers are one of the greatest inventions of all time – and that they are the epitome of the perfect invention. However, computers – and the data that is stored them in particular – have given rise to an unexpected evil. You see, data is so valuable, that it is often compared to gold.

Personal information such as your date of birth can hold immense significance. For hackers and data thieves, stealing personal information provides enormous rewards without the risk of being caught. You see, stealing data is easy; hackers can connect to your stationary PC and download all your personal information, plus the lack of enforcement of cyber-crime laws make it nearly impossible to prosecute and catch criminals. Thus, stealing data has become easy as stealing candy from a baby.  Consequently, those who have taken the appropriate protection measures are immune and those who cannot afford to safeguard their personal data are most at risk. According to experts, encryption of personal data is the only true and real means of safeguarding data – without encryption the safety of your personal information cannot be guaranteed. In the past, average computer users couldn’t encrypt their data and theft of personal information was widespread. Today, with the advent of consumer targeted encryption software such as Folder Lock 7, it has become impossible for hackers to steal data – at least when data is encrypted using such software. With these desktop based software, users can encrypt their data in a matter of seconds – encrypting data is as simple as creating a self-executable encrypted locker – and simply dragging and dropping the data into that encrypted locker. Accessing confidential data is as simple as entering your password – once correct password is entered – decryption only takes a few seconds.

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Be Wise to To Prevent Yourself Against Hack Attacks

Folder Lock

It has not been ages when people used to use fax modems to the surf the cyber world and save their data on small spaced Floppy and Compact Disks. It required extraordinary intelligence and phenomenal typing skills to break into a dataset through hacking. Now, there are sophisticated tools engineered just for the sake of stealing data and one having a fair bit of computer knowledge can learn to break the ordinary security barriers and steal your information. It is not at all necessary that a kid with high power eyesight glasses sitting in a dark room in front of a computer with all those techy gadgets is a hacker, a man sitting in a park with a laptop and an internet connection can be a lethal hacker.

The fact is that these hack attacks and the incidents of data breaches have become so common that we do not pay much of an attention towards it, even if our own information is on the verge of getting publicized. Experts have named this phenomena as data breach fatigue, it means that we have become so habitual of this terrifying thing that we do not turn our ear much to it. People tend to inform banks about getting their credit card information compromised, in return, they get a new card and the customer do not have to bear the liabilities of the breached card.

But, that is actually not the way to go. If you kept this practice, your survival is tough and you may have to suffer some real horrifying consequences. Whether individual or an entrepreneur, you need to make sure that all your information is secured diligently. In this situation, using Folder Lock is a good idea as it can easily encrypt your files and folders with ease. You just have to be wise to make sure your private information is intact.

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There are NO Secret Ingredients for Success

Folder Lock

Ordinary people look up to the successful personnels around them and try to figure out what is so special in them? But, the truth is that there is actually nothing special, no secret ingredient. It is you, who is special, the original you. If you have really noticed the successful people closely, they are original, they do not try to imitate anybody else, they stay in their skin and that is their biggest strength. Your attitude, your approach, your ideas, these are the secrets of your upcoming success, however, you need to discover the real you, once you do that, you will climb up the peak of success. Well, there are some common traits among all successful individuals and those are;


The most common quality of all the successful people, alive or the ones that have lived on this planet is that they were hard working and determined to attain their goal. Those successful people never got satisfied with their progress and did not sit back until they got what they desired.


You do not beg on somebody else for your success. This is a simple rule. People who got victorious did not depend on others for anything, they took the initiative and did everything by themselves. They make decisions and stand firm on their stance, their decisions are not circumstantial that changes with the situation.

Strong will

They are the ones that taught this world “when there is a will, there is a way”. The greatest achievers tend to chase their goals, they look to achieve what they have aimed. Failures are nothing for them, but, the opportunities to learn and increase their hunger to attain it.


People that get panic on some kind of mishap hard to get success in their lives. In order to achieve substantial success, you need to be calm under the pressure situations or you are likely to lose the progress that you have  made so far by making some unwise decisions in panic or quitting because of being disheartened.


Honesty is indeed the best policy. Successful people deem to be honest, whether it is honesty related to their work or their fellows, they never misrepresent anything irrespective of the consequences. They have got the self esteem and do not like to be a tout or the act of apple polishing, they believe in their capabilities and have a firm believe that whatever they will achieve on their own.


As described above, successful ones are those that do not mimic others, they are original. They have their own identity, goals and the most important, they have their own ideas. Well, in order to be successful in today’s world, you have to diligently protect your original ideas. Digital life has made it tough to keep originality intact, using Folder Lock to keep originality intact will definitely steer you towards success.

Being optimistic

Thinking negative will result in negative. When you have a thought in your mind that you are going to lose the battle, you will actually lose the battle. The triumphant people never think about losing, they are the winners in their mind and their soul, they believe that they are born to win.

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