Bring Your Own Device, but Make Sure They are Secure

Employees have better productivity, comfort and creativity when they work on their own familiar devices. But, is the principle of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is totally a blessing and has no disadvantage at all. If you think that it is full of benefits and there is nothing wrong with it. Then you need to think again. Here are some of the biggest reasons that will change your perception regarding this principle.

No Uniformity

If an employer asks his employees to bring their own devices to the workplace, it may create a bit anxiety among the users. If an employee has a strong financial background, he may spend much more on the latest gadgets than an employee, who cannot afford expensive gadgets. The one having expansive and latest gadgets will surely reflect a better performance as he will be able to do his work quickly and with better tools. In this scenario, there will be no uniformity among the employees and might be an essence of discrimination by the employer. That is why, the employer should provide the best working tools to the employees.

Security Concerns

Using commercial tech products for corporate purposes lead businesses to some huge risks. That is why, the personnel that are responsible for handling and dealing with sensitive data should not use kinds of devices. That is where the IT department needs to keep strict vigilance of the devices that are being used to perform business activities. If an employee bringing his own device to the work, he needs to make sure that the device is carefully protected and there is no loophole to leak data. If an individual employee is prohibited by the IT department from bringing his own device, it would surely be discouraging for him.  The IT departments of the businesses are usually not happy with the principle of BYOD as it makes their life difficult.

Fear of Data Loss

The biggest risk imposed by the principle of Bring Your Own Device is of losing sensitive personal as well as professional data. Such data leakage can harm your personal as well as professional life. It can lead you towards being a fraud victim and you might get strangled into a lot of problems. On the other hand, as a professional, it can be a big stain on your career if you are involved in any incident of data breach. You may lose the trust of your employer and can suffer heavily. To serve the purpose, secure your devices with Folder Lock that makes data leakages impossible.

The principle of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) does surely help businesses to perform better. However, if you weigh the goods and bads of, there are probably more disadvantages of it if your employees do not use it securely and discreetly. If you want to opt for BYOD, first make sure that you educate your workforce about the threats they are facing and how to deal with it. But, if your employees are not security conscious, they will surely end up hurting you and themselves.

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What Does ‘Web’ Really Means in Context of the Internet?

The internet has blessed our lives in a variety of ways. However, there is an extremely dark side of it. Since we have started living in the cyber world, we do not have any sort of privacy, either as an individual or as a business. However, you can somehow save yourself from that cruel internet world by following some simple steps. When Tim Barners-Lee was looking to revolutionize the world with this amazing technology, he was in search of a noun for it. Ultimately, he ended up calling it ’web’ and now it seems like there cannot be any other better noun for this technology.

The inventor took this name having an idea that his invention will organically link the people all around the world. However, he might have forgotten the other aspect of it. Spiders use their web to capture the preys and kill them to feed themselves. The internet is now acting similar to the spiders’ web. The internet is being used by crooks to capture their preys, hurt them digitally and feed their accounts from their victims’ financial resources. The interesting fact about this humungous web is that about 2 million people have been trapped in it willingly and many of them think that they can easily get out of this whenever they want, which is just a good thought.

Now, as you are aware of the fact that you have been trapped in the web, now, what can you do to keep the big hunting spider away from you? Well, the best thing you can do to keep your personal information secured, you need to wear an armor, I mean use encryption and for that, you can use Folder Lock. Otherwise, you are just in a que of becoming a feast for the data thieves, either you will be attacked just now, or a bit later, but, you will be attacked, so be ready and be careful.

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Tell Your Kids About the Cruelties of the Cyber World

If you have seen or follow teens on the social media, you must have found them behaving inappropriately or commenting each other rather offensively. Using the “F” word, calling girls bitch or slut does not seem to be a big deal at all. So, how one knows that whether the person on the other end is joking or actually threatening, harassing or cyberbullying. Apart from that, those young kids get friendly online with people very easily and think that they have new friends on the social media or on other forums. Kids are unaware of the brutalities of the world and you have to play your role here.

As all fields of the life, parents should guide their children online as well and keep an eye on their activities. Parents need to get the privacy settings of their children’s online accounts to secure level, whether it is their personal social media accounts or some other online accounts. Educate your children regarding what activities they are supposed to perform online and what can harm them. Tell your innocent kids that talking to strangers can push them into trouble and it is not safe for them to make random friends and there is no one trustworthy in the cyber world.

Many children on the internet are observed leaking their personal information just trusting them without knowing who is on the other end. Hackers try to make young children, their friends and then ask them details like their address, phone number, parents’ occupation and similar details. Online crooks also ask them to click some malicious links or send them some infected files that can give them a free access to their database and steal data. To serve the purpose, use Folder Lock and keep your data password protected against such threats. Be smart and educate your kids.

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Securing Data from Getting Leaked Through the Common Channels

Hackers have become scarier and more threatening for the past few years. They really do not discriminate between their victims, whether you are an employer, an employee, a student or a housewife, they will target you. These online criminals use some of the most effective techniques and disguise innocent users in such a way that they usually have no idea that they are getting fooled by cyber crooks and are in big trouble. The web world is not a safe place to step in, there are huge threats on every step and hundreds of hunters looking for a small mistake for you that will give them the opportunity to attack them. But, hackers are just one of the many resources of data leakage. Here are some of them.

Data Theft

No one can deny the fact that the most ferocious and huge threat to anyone’s information is of hackers. They attack the database of people deliberately with the intention to steal data, which will be used by them in fraudulent activities that will harm you a lot. The smallest of loopholes are enough for hackers to fetch your information out and then exploit it. According to the studies, more than one-third of the data breach incidents is a result of hack attacks.

Data Loss

Data Loss has also been a common channel of leaking data.  This problem is increasing ever since data have become portable with the courtesy of portable drives like CDs, DVDs and now USB flash drive. USB flash drive has acted as the fuel on the fire. The thumb drive is tiny, yet it has a great capacity of storing data. This has been a blessing as well as a curse for computer users as they are very much prone to getting lost or stolen. People tend to lose their devices or get them stolen that lead towards incidents of data leakage. The portable drives have no built-in security and crooks have no issue to get the data saved in it without any complexity.


People deem to leave their old computers and drives abandoned, no matter how important data it once have. Formatting hard drives and the portable ones, does not really make the data irrecoverable. But, people usually are unaware of the fact and they take no care of their old computing device and neither try to dispose off their data diligently. This can lead them towards expanse losses and make a wonderful feast for the crooks.

These are some of the common channels of leaking data and they can be extremely tough to secure these channels, yet they can be easily secured. Using dynamic security software like Folder Lock that provides protection against multiple threats can be extremely handy. It can provide protection against hack attempts by offering password-protection. It encrypts data and can prevent data loss as you can transfer your encrypted lockers to the portable drives. Other than that, Folder Lock is also equipped with file shredder and  it makes deleted files completely irrecoverable.

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Save Yourself from Hackers by being Aware of their Techniques

The world is quite competitive  and it is the scenario of the survival of the fittest and the hard worker. It might bamboozle you, but, believe it, hackers are really working their hearts out. They are busy in engineering new and improve techniques of phishing, spamming and fraud. Their aim is to get their hands on your social security number, bank accounts, social media accounts and similar information. With this information of yours, they can steal your financial assets from you or they can make your friends and family their victims. Online criminals, having such mal intentions, how do you suppose to save yourself? The answer is by knowing their possible techniques and taking precautions against them.

Phishing Scams

Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of $5 million of our lottery. Kindly send us your personal information, bank account number and might be a small amount of $50 to $500 as transferring fee.

Does this sound funny? Every year, hundreds of people fall to this email scam and end up getting their personal information leaked just in a wink of an eye. Interesting part is that hackers make a little of effort and it’s the users that hand them over their information with their own hands. These emails are just one of the easiest way to attract their prey for hackers and many of the users fell in their plot.

Trojan or Trojan Virus

Another popular technique that hackers use to get your personal information is to infect your PC or laptop with a Trojan virus. It is a kind of virus that sends all the information to the hacker whatever you do on your computer. Hackers might send the virus as an email attachment that will look like a normal file, however, on being opened, it will infect your computer. They can also use a flash drive to get it on your PC. All they have to do is to drop a USB drive near your car or somewhere near you. They know the fact  that the majority of the people will pick it up and plug into the PC and that is what they exploit. It is hard to avoid Trojan so keep your computer equipped with an antivirus software and Lock Folders that are sensitive.

Getting Your Passwords

You must have seen the action thriller movies in Hollywood, where a cool looking hacker is an expert in guessing passwords. However, the real world is a bit different from the reel world. Here, hackers are not dependent on making guesses. All they need to do is to get access to any one of your accounts and he is able to get access to your other accounts as well. That is why, it is always advised to keep different and unique passwords for each account. And as far as security question is concerned, try to answer the security questions with random answers. Giving right and actual answers are risky as cyber crooks can extract out your personal information with ease and it will be easy for them to answer the security questions.

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Scary Facts and Figures of Data Breach

The current era of technology has risked the privacy of businesses along with common users. The risks that are imposed to the digitally saved files and folders are almost inevitable and people seem to be indifferent about it. Whether you are living in America, China or in an African country, you can be a potential target of it. The worst part is that this problem does not look like getting solved anywhere near, instead, the issue is getting complex and much more threatening with the time passing. If you give a glance to the statistics, you will probably have an idea of how horrifying this risk is.

Among the most common form of complaints received in the previous year are fraud’s with G’vernment’s documents and identity thefts related to it. It comprises almost 34 percent of the complaints received. Other than that, frauds regarding credit cards and utilities that comprise 17 percent and 14 percent of the total complaints. On the other hand, among the overall data theft incidents, malicious attacks by online criminals are the most expensive ones as they cost almost $157 per compromised record. But, cyber criminals are not the only one to be blamed, human error is the most common channel of data breach that is responsible for almost two-thirds of these incidents.

Hackers are always looking for some loopholes in your data security and usually they find one, that is why, nearly 33.8 percent of the data thefts are a result of hack attempts. Another terrifying and hazardous fact is that many of the data theft incidents remain unknown for days. In 2012, almost 66 percent of such incidents remained undiscovered for nearly a month, which means more destruction. The early victim is known about the stolen information, the better steps he or she can take to neutralize its effects.

You will be surprised to know that as much as 77 percent of the time hackers are able to install their malware program on your system and easily get access to your information. Apart from that, hackers get hold of your records by some infectious email attachments (47%), web drives (8%), email link (5%) and remote injection by (3%). Hackers easily get access to your information by these methods and carry your records easily. However, if you have put some kind of Copy Protection on your sensitive files, they will not be able to easily copy the data and walk away. That is why, it is necessary for you to take some effective measures against these threats.

You might be thinking that you cannot be a target of such an incident or even if you become a target, you will not suffer much. So, you better see these figures that will blow your mind away. On an average, every data breach almost cost $136 throughout the world. In the US, the average data breach incident is even more expensive as it costs early $194 and a company that suffer such an incident suffer almost a loss of $5.4 million. Now, you must be terrified, if not, then you should be.

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Toyota Recalls 10,000 Lexus Cars


TOYOTA has recalled almost 10,000 Lexus vehicles across the UK to fix faulty fuel delivery pipes.

The car manufacturer said the problem caused a risk of fuel leaks and is part of a worldwide recall of 759,000 vehicles.

Some 9,637 UK-registered Lexus cars are affected, which were manufactured between January 2005 and September 2010.

Drivers may be alerted to the problem by the smell of fuel while driving or when leaving their car, Toyota said. There have been no reports of any accidents or injuries relating to the problem, the company added.

The models affected are IS 250, IS 250 C, IS F, GS 300, GS 460, GS 450h, LS 600h, LS 600hL and LS 460.

Vehicle owners will be contacted by Lexus in the coming weeks and asked to make an appointment to bring their car to their nearest Lexus Centre, Toyota said.

The work will take about three to four hours to complete and will be carried out free of charge.

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